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G20 Summit 2024 (19th)

2024-07-12 ~ 2024-07-14 , Rio de Janeiro
According to the G20 calendar, the presidency of the G20 Summit 2025 will be given to South Africa. South Africa joined the G20 troika along with India and Brazil. the G20 troika is a group of 3 where the next three G20 Summits will take place; India in 2023, Brazil in 2024 and South Africa in 2025. These G20 troika are emerging economies, which have also worked on forums like BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), IBSA (India, Brazil and South Africa) and BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China).

The G20 Summit 2025 will focus on reducing the gender gap in the labour workforce to 25% by the year 2025. This decision was taken at the 10th G20 Summit which commenced in Antalya, Turkey in 2015. Also, with this decision, the G20 leaders shifted their focus on migration and refugee crisis. With the G20 presidency in 2025, South Africa will seek to strengthen the raise the voice of Global South with multilateral bodies. the South African president said, ‘We must modernize our multilateral institutions, making them fit for the purpose and better equipped to deal with global and cross-generational challenges we face.