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ACWA Power Innovation Days February 2025 at The Garage in Riyadh

Innovate For Impact
2025-02-03 ~ 2025-02-05 , Riyadh

In its 3rd edition, the Innovation Days, led by ACWA Power in partnership with RDIA, KACST & KAUST, unites key stakeholders including global leaders, experts, researchers, investors, policy makers and innovators, all under one roof to celebrate open innovation and boost its ecosystem.


With the theme of "Innovate for Impact," the agenda aims not only to deepen understanding through interactive panels and discussions on the core technologies of renewables, energy storage, seawater desalination, and green hydrogen but also drive dialogues in the advancement of digital innovation and artificial intelligence. Present innovation roadmap and demonstration of the tools — all with the aim of fostering value creation.


This event serves not just as a networking platform but also as a catalyst for accelerating the deployment of new technologies, fostering new collaborations, institutionalizing foresight and forward thinking in the energy transition landscape, thereby significantly contributing to the realization of Vision 2030 for the Kingdom.

For more information, please reach out to innovation@acwapower.com